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Since 1999, students and faculty have enjoyed Shakespeare Now! coming to their schools with our touring performances of Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Macbeth!

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Shakespeare Now! is a professional theater company which brings exciting, live performances of the playwright's great works to elementary, middle, and high schools in southeastern New England. The Company also leads interactive student workshops in kinesthetic experiences with the richly meaningful language of Shakespeare.

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Students love getting Shakespeare off the page and onto the stage!

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2019-2020 Academic Year - Let's bring Shakespeare alive to your students by Playing with the Shakespeare Play of your choice! Shakespeare Now! is bringing our highly acclaimed Interactive Student Workshops to schools in New England. Book Now!

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Interactive Workshops with Your Students

Available year round.

The accomplished actor/educators of Shakespeare Now! will come into your classroom and do intensive language and imagery-based text activities with your students, combined with theater improvisation games based upon characters/scenes from a play.

Length of performance/workshop: 60 minutes

Cost per performance/workshop:  $400. Multiple bookings available at a discount.

Call Linda Lowy at 617-734-3477 for information and bookings, or email