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Since 1999, students and faculty have enjoyed Shakespeare Now! coming to their schools with our touring performances of Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Macbeth!

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In-class Interactive Student Workshop

The accomplished actor/educators of Shakespeare Now! will come into your classroom and do intensive language and imagery-based text activities with your students, combined with theater improvisation games based upon characters/scenes from a play. This innovative program...

  • Brings Shakespeare's words to life and generates authentic, lasting excitement for his work
  • Enlightens understanding of the messages and themes of the text
  • Increases reading comprehension
  • Motivates students to excel in literature, drama, and communication skills

How It Works

Students and workshop leaders engage in in-depth, explorational activities around a Shakespeare play. (The workshop can involve a play the class has been studying, related to a Shakespeare Now! production, or the teacher's or students' choice). Work and play are combined to stimulate students' responses to Shakespeare's text.

Workshop leaders and students work together to stage and perform the scenes, bringing the text to life through dramatic action. Accompanying the scene work are kinesthetic activities incorporating Shakespeare's use of language and imagery which increase students' comprehension and ownership of the text.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $400 - one workshop. Multiple workshops and in-school residencies by arrangement, negotiable fees.

To Book: Call 617-734-3477 or email.